David M. Mallon is a professional illustrator, designer, and fine artist based in Syracuse, NY, specializing in weird fantasy, role-playing game material, and music promotional design. He has produced work for Wayfinder Magazine, D3 Adventures, Iron Hills Games, and L.R.S. Records, among others, as well as rock bands Caught Up In a Dream, Department, and Shore Acres Drive. David also worked as an assistant to artist J. Edwin Stevens during his time working as a colorist on the Magic: The Gathering: Path of Vengeance comic book. In addition to his art & design work, he has served as a staff editor for Wayfinder Magazine, and currently plays guitar in the Syracuse-based indie rock bands Operation Hennessey and Against The Giants.

E-mail: david.m.mallon@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/mallonillustration

Behance: behance.net/dmmallonf37f

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mallonillustration

DeviantArt:  mallonillustration.deviantart.com

Saatchi Art: saatchiart.com/dmmallon

Tumblr: mallonillustration.tumblr.com


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